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Shrink Database and “free” code

I had a problem at work today resulting from running some “free” code. When I finally found the culprit I knew that I had a topic to write about, and upon arrival home I came here to write a note … Continue reading

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Tooting my own horn: Pass Blog Directory

Not that it’s the largest accomplishment in the world, but I was recently added to the PASS Blog Directory. I have been trolling that list for tips and tricks to use in our production environment at work long before I … Continue reading

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Wildcard Searching

Searching for data with a less-than-desirable amount of instruction, or a vague “it ends in smith” is never fun. However, there are of course a variety of tools that are available to the developers in the world of T-SQL. As … Continue reading

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Makers Schedule, Managers Schedule

When I first started looking at blogging, I told myself that I didn’t want to contribute to the echo chamber. I didn’t really think a post about a post about a post about was really accomplishing all that much. However, … Continue reading

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