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INSERT INTO & Temp Table Creation

At my previous employer, my old boss and I would debate the merits of using “INSERT INTO” to create temp tables. He was against it in all cases, where I would use it when I was exploring a problem, or … Continue reading

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SQL_Variant – Real world research

I came across a table for custom data fields that went something like this… Columns: PrimaryKey int EmployeeKey int Datatype varchar(20) intData int varcharData varchar(250) boolData bit numericData float (I laughed as well) dataData datetime (Ugh.) I’m looking at archiving … Continue reading

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Getting back on the horse…

It’s been three weeks since I spent much time thinking about this site, mostly due to the distractions of starting a new gig and learning a whole new system. I know I’m not the first to think or say… type… … Continue reading

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