Makers Schedule, Managers Schedule

When I first started looking at blogging, I told myself that I didn’t want to contribute to the echo chamber. I didn’t really think a post about a post about a post about was really accomplishing all that much.

However, I realized that I really needed to make an exception for this post: Makers Schedule, Managers Schedule .

If you haven’t read it, I really suggest taking the time. It really sums up a problem that I think a lot of non-technical people don’t quite get. Digging into a large piece of business logic takes time, and takes focus. Interrupting the creative process for a “five minutes” several times a day, or a few meetings tossed into the middle of the day really throws a wrench in the works.

My suggestion is to share it with management… in a non-confrontational way of course… and try to get all those waste of time meetings scheduled back-t0-back, instead of spread out throughout the week. It’ll make you more productive in the long run.

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