Shrink Database and “free” code

I had a problem at work today resulting from running some “free” code. When I finally found the culprit I knew that I had a topic to write about, and upon arrival home I came here to write a note about Shrink Database and why it’s generally bad voodoo. As I gathered the appropriate links and accumulated my thoughts, I fired up Google Reader and noticed a post from Brent Ozar titled: Stop Shrinking Your Database Files. Seriously. Now.. Well, I have to say it took the wind out of my sails since he was able to articulate it better than me.

So, I’ll be brief. If you started testing SQLStat2005, and you’re having performance issues on the server running the software, check out this stored procedure inside the database he provides: [miracle].[uspSQLSTAT2005_Cleanup]. Edit the sproc and comment out the shrinkdb command.

Now, go read Brent’s post, and check out all the other articles he linked.

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