Reporting Services Scripting for fun and profit

After spending too long on Google, and finally getting an appropriate answer from a colleague, I thought it wise to record this information in case someone finds themselves in a similar situation.

This stackoverflow sums up my issue nicely: “I need to create a repeatable process for deploying SQL Server Reporting Services reports. I am not in favor of using Visual Studio and or Business Development Studio to do this. The rs.exe method of scripting deployments also seems rather clunky. Does anyone have a very elegant way that they have been able to deploy reports. The key here is that I want the process to be completely automated.”

The current accepted answer is nice, but it goes a little too far for my taste. However, the real gem is in this link for Reporting Service Scripter. It’s a delightfully simple utility that does as advertised. I can then take the code it generates and check it into our source control system. Our deployment software just needed to be pointed at the Windows Command Script file generated, and we were off and running.

Hopefully this will help out anyone else in a similar situation.

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