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Primary, Secondary, Tertiary, umm…?

I recently found myself asking the question posed in the title – what comes after primary, secondary, tertiary…? I had a rough idea, based on my drum line days, and the various types of Tenor drums. However, this article lays … Continue reading

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T-SQL Creativity

This article has little to do with useful t-sql applications – since to me, minesweeper is meant for a mouse. However, it really demonstrates a fun use of t-sql. Minesweeper in T-SQL

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Top 20 Programming Lessons

20/20: Top 20 Programming Lessons I’ve Learned in 20 Years – DCS Media. Above is my contribution to the echo chamber. The author sums up quite nicely a lot of what I’ve thought about coding… simple is better, don’t over¬†analyze … Continue reading

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Shrink Database and “free” code

I had a problem at work today resulting from running some “free” code. When I finally found the culprit I knew that I had a topic to write about, and upon arrival home I came here to write a note … Continue reading

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Makers Schedule, Managers Schedule

When I first started looking at blogging, I told myself that I didn’t want to contribute to the echo chamber. I didn’t really think a post about a post about a post about was really accomplishing all that much. However, … Continue reading

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